И-5-04 Axe Basta

файл работы
  • Участник Initiative
  • Название работы И-5-04 Axe Basta
  • Конкурс / номинация И-5 Он-лайн кампании
  • Ссылка http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWDltOZh69M
  • Рекламодатель Unilever
  • Описание проекта Lately strong players in deodorants category start to threaten Axe leading market position. To respond attacks we decided to win the love of a new for us more mature audience – men 20-30. Axe Black launch changed brand direction to sophisticated, stylish and “quiet” image which we had to explain.
    We needed to talk with both typical Axe teenagers and older males (20-30) who are very fastidious and hard to reach. Our campaign was based on two main insights:
    1) Both Axe audiences can`t live without music. Music is their self-determination and the most trustful communication environment.
    2) Mobile is the center of music and media consumption for guys.
    Deep conjunction of music and mobile became a heart of Axe campaign.
    We partnered with an artist who we can call “Russian Eminem” - Basta. Artist represents Axe transformation himself. Started as a provocative singer years ago today he is a calm guy giving hip-hop concerts with Symphony Orchestra.
    Firstly, we chose the most popular Basta`s songs and created new versions in Axe quiet style. Songs started a new life together with explanation of brand transformation. Black&White videos were filmed in empty Olympic Stadium – future concert scene. Huge buzz was created around collaboration.
    Secondly, during the artist’s concert in Olympiс stadium we organized live streaming of his performance via mobile banners using Cross-Screen custom HTML5 Light box - first time ever.
    Partnership with Moscow underground Wi-Fi with ability to watch concert online performed in right time in right place with right content.

    Results: Axe sales growth was +8% higher than the best seller launched last year;
    Videos of remade Basta`s songs in Axe style created huge buzz around the project: 60% of views were generated organically;
    Axe YouTube channel got about 2 million organic views with 250 comments in a minute;
    We expanded audience of Olympic Stadium (the biggest in Moscow) by 6 times using Cross-Screen custom HTML5 Light box;
    Cross-Screen custom HTML5 Light box was included in the collection of Google rich media gallery with the best ads from the world;
    Today, 8 months later, Axe+Basta content is still in the top of organic YouTube search on key words with artist.